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20-Mar-2018 05:32

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I thought a partner would pick me for me; do people really think about others' opinion when choosing a partner? Therefore if you saw an average looking man and woman, you probably wouldn't think much of it.However if you saw a couple where one of them was MUCH less attractive than the other, its easier to imagine the better looking one sees something other than looks in the uglier one.If a bystander discovers the better looking person is blind, they'll probably attribute the match to the fact that the guy is blind.Standards aside, I kind of thought that at least being blind means you won't have insecurities about how your SO looks (in regards to how you think other people might react to them. I know people consider fatness unattractive in a visual way, but yeah, maybe it's unattractive to touch too??A good friend of mine is a very bad burn victim that happened when she was quite young. I guess a blind man could also be just as self-concious as a sighted man when it comes to how other people gauge how their date looks.

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: D To the supplementary question, my second WAG is that I doubt a blind guy and a burns victim woman would be likely to form a relationship because of their conditions - I'm wagering if it happened at all, it would be despite their conditions, because I think that relationship would be the subject of knowing nods and derision.

Of course, I've used the internet acronym WAG twice here, so that points out that IANABG and IANABVW.

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