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The CPC was composed of three IBM machines that had been made to work together: an IBM 604 or 605 calculating punch, an accounting machine (one of the IBM 400-series) and an IBM 941 auxiliary storage unit which held 16 10-digit signed numbers.

Though marketed by IBM, the CPC was actually a combination developed by Northrop Aviation in 1948 for use in flight simulations and for other engineering work. Although it provided some storage, the IBM CPC was not a stored-program computer in the modern sense.

Core memory was a new technology, replacing drum memory with magnetic cores.

This was called Random-Access Memory (RAM) because you could access any word of memory in the same time as any other word.

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This was accomplished by changing the pulley size on the main drive, and was done through the IBM 402.We have not been able to find this article on-line, but the History of Programming Languages project has preserved an extract. Bill Mc Keeman remembers taking CS135 Intro to Programming from George Forsythe in Spring 1962, using the Burroughs B220.

Expansion sets were soon added, including "Alternate Universe" and "Q Continuum" card sets.… continue reading »

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