Email on iphone 5 not updating

17-Jul-2018 21:24

Older versions of i OS Mail (earlier than IOS 8) showed a "Load More Messages" button at the bottom of the list. Repeatedly scrolling down (or clicking the "Load More Messages" button) will make the app fetch the next batch of messages.

Apparent gaps will be magically healed as Mail app caches the entire Inbox.

This seemingly endless trip to the bottom of your Inbox is tedious, but it really does set things straight.

Your newest mail will rise to the top again once you've pulled all the way to the actual bottom of your Inbox. Signup or re-signup for Sane Box and allow us to help.

After analyzing your email history, we will know which email is worthy of your Inbox.

Your oldest emails will be moved to a Sane Archive folder and your less important email will be moved to Sane Later.

Remember, canceling your Sane Box account causes us to securely erase our copy of your username/password or Gmail/Yahoo/AOL/Outlook authentication token so we wouldn't be able to continue to filter your Inbox email into those folders even if you wanted us to.

If these procedures don't fix the problem, reset the network settings and download available software updates from Apple.Start by turning your i Phone off and then on again.

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