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The encore episodes also have run on ABC Family and SOAPnet, both of which have aired marathons of the show.On October 13, 2006, ABC ordered a full season pick-up for the series, beyond the original 13 ordered at the May Upfronts due to its premiere ratings.It'll be interesting to see which of her newly single Euro-dude paramours - James Blunt, Stavros, or Jude -- she'll be seen with again. For more pics of The Tudors premiere including Jonathan Rhys Meyers, America Ferrera, Bai Ling, Maggie Grace, Gabrielle Anwar and more just Images include America Ferrera, Capser Van Dien, Eric Mabius, Gabrielle Anwar, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Maggie Grace, Sam Neill, Robbie Williams, Bai Ling & Callum Blue.Ugly Betty was an American comedy-drama television series developed by Silvio Horta, which was originally broadcast on ABC between 20.During its first three seasons, it aired on Thursday nights, where it was mostly successful.However, viewership dropped significantly in the show's third season, particularly in the important 18–49 age group.The move was done to bring the authenticity of the great series' setting into the show and to take advantage of a tax credit offered by the State of New York's Governors Office of Motion Picture and Television Development.These events would lead California Assemblyman Paul Krekorian to introduce bill AB X315, the "Ugly Betty Bill", which would keep television and film production from leaving the state by using tax incentives.

In January 2009, ABC announced that it was putting Ugly Betty on hold to make room for the new comedies In the Motherhood and Samantha Who? The series' aired one more original episode on March 19, 2009.Lindsay was looking pretty close to fellow recent-rehabber Robbie Williams at last night's premiere of The Tudors and Les Deux after party.She obviously has a weakness for European men, but we doubt it was anything more than a friendly chat.In November 2007, the cast of the series made headlines when they threw their support behind the 2007 Writers' Strike by joining them on the picket line in solidarity.

Ferrera commented on the reason why they did this: "The issues coming up with the actors’ contracts are very similar to what the writers are dealing with right now, and we have to stay united and stand strong within the creative community for what we believe is fair." On November 25, the cast appeared in a 38-second video for "Speechless Hollywood" in which a black & white camera pulled away from a close up of Ferrera to showing her co-stars sitting next to her as they look directly at the camera without speaking.

On August 8, 2006, ABC decided at the last minute to make a schedule change to move Ugly Betty from its previously announced Friday 8 p.m. replacing sitcoms Notes from the Underbelly and Big Day as a lead-in to top-rated program Grey's Anatomy, due to the growing interest in the show.