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The introduction of the Beta VCR in 1975 and VHS in 1976 heralded a revolution in the making of home movies.

Videocassettes were extremely inexpensive compared to film and they could even be erased.

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The 16 mm format, which used only safety film, was introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923 and became a standard in the non-professional market.

This format split the standard 35 mm film into two strips half as wide and could be loaded into the camera in daylight.

Since the film frames were also half the height of 35 mm frames, the Birtac format used only 25% of the amount of film stock used by 35 mm.

In recent years, clips from home movies have been available to wider audiences through television series such as America's Funniest Home Videos, in Great Britain You've Been Framed!

and Internet online video-sharing sites such as You Tube.

Of importance in making motion picture film practical for home use was the manufacturing option of safety film in the 1920s.