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So it’s just not about losing weight but getting to know the underlying reason of piling on the kilos. But in my cousins case all her tests wer ok, she was gaining weight because of her erratic routine and the junk food she so loved.

So if you think that you are doing everything right but still gaining weight, the first thing you should be doing is finding the underlying reason for it.

Im due in just under 3 weeks and have been also having irrgular type period pains last few days, so good to know thats normal! It is a clear mucusy substance streaked with blood when it comes out.

Good luck - hope everything goes well x x Hi Bernadette, A 'show' is when the plug to your cervix comes free. It is one of the signs that labour is imminent, be it a couple of weeks away or just a few days!

I can't wait for some signs that my baby is on it's way am due intwo and a half weeks and it's really dragging hi ya when having my son had mine probably about 11am thursday morning and by 11.30 the next day i had given birth so about 24 hours for me when i have been induced it happened when in established labour .

but when i rang midwife when i had it she said it can take upto 2 weeks i was deflated but glad i didnt wait that long lol x I had a show on the Saturday with my daughter but the on call midwife didn't think it was a show, until I started having some mild contractions on the Sunday and when I rang back and got another midwife she said that it sounded like I did have a show the day before.

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With my first my waters broke a week early and then i had a show the next day. With the second, i never had a show at all..did my waters break until he was nearly out.I have noticed a similarity In the diets given to m When I first went to this dietician, he told me to get some blood tests done.Like thyroid checkup, blood sugar, serum insulin in my case since I have PCOD.Hope that helps, xx hi, mine came away in the morning and started with pains about one in the afternon and had him at 1.20 am the next morning .

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That was my second though had no show or waters breaking with my dd .Thankfully, she is all better now and has been home for four days. I am now enjoying being a mum as you all will be (for the first time, or again) soon. So labour started shortly after the loss of my plug, but I was in slow labour for nearly 4 days until he arrived.

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