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Nanny knows it's illegal to babysit orphaned aliens.But he also knows that his civilization is turning to ruin as a result of all of the fat, lazy, self-important cretins who litter all over the ...

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The Europen football league is starting up again, and if you've got giant sticky hands we're all going to want you standing in front of the net to catch any shots before they turn into goals. The winter olympics are finally here, and now we can watch all of our favorite winter sports superstars take to the hills and perform some amazing tricks! If you want to make a name for yourself on the hockey ice rink tournament, you need to start from the bottom of the ranks.

Try your hand at this sporty matching game and see if you have what it takes to take your team to ...

You're the MVP of the world's best soccer team, and you and your teammates are preparing for another season of sweeping victories.

Physics, grace, grit and a lot of team work are what you'll need to kick your way through this platform based sports puzzler.

Use your fancy footwork to skillfully sink the ball into net after net,... With sugar cubes fighting donuts, and chocolate fountains beating back the waves of waffle cones, you never know which sweet treat is going to end u...You'd think that if you had a big head, you'd be a great goalie, but these soccer stars are actually the leads and the ones that are playing across the entire field. If it's ever your dream to make that free kick in the last seconds of a soccer match to win it all, this is that special moment repeated again and again in this total representation for that intens...