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I’m ready to once again share my musings on life, love, swirling, diversity, and everything in-between.I love working out and I’m trying to eat healthier, so I’ll also share those experiences as I dabble into the vegetarian/vegan/raw foods lifestyle.Introduced by the lyricless choral piece "Nest," Nozuka's warm tenor voice suddenly appears out of the darkness with the solo a cappella "Dreaming" before dovetailing smoothly into its lush companion piece, "Eyes Changing Colour." Barely six minutes into the album, you're wholly drawn into his world of Eno/Lanois ambient-scapes and distant dream-brother ballads.

I have to get pre-approval from the board of reviewers at my school before they forward it to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). (Thanks to all of you who called, texted, emailed, Tweeted, or Facebooked me to check on me; I appreciate the love! In 2011 I semi-moved back to Louisiana, made it through my comprehensive exams, nurtured both my parents through multiple hospital stays, made it “through the water and through the flames,” and reinvented myself yet again.This type of understated, spatially minded arranging is difficult to pull off and takes patience and thought, yet somehow he stitches these ten unique pieces together so that absolutely nothing feels unnecessary or out of place.